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Welcome to the Ethics Awareness Pages

Our ethical reputation is all our concern.

Thales UK takes the behaviour of its employees very seriously. We work in an industry which has unfortunately in the recent past had a reputation for being less than ethical.

It is vital, therefore, that each of us individually take responsibility for our day-to-day actions. This includes being reminded of good ethical practices and expected behaviours and also being aware of current legislation.

Below you will find links to the modules of our awareness campaign. Our latest module, the sixth, is entitled "Ethical Update" and provides a good reminder of what we need to do to keep ourselves safe and also a light refresher to help ensure ethics are always taken into account in all our business dealings.

Each presentation will take you no longer than 15-20 minutes to complete the viewing of the materials.

Thank you for supporting this important campaign.

Michael Seabrook, UK Ethics Director


Ethics Contact Details:
'Speak Up' Line: +44(0)7969 118 135
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