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Thales UK Ethics Awareness Campaign

Ethics Module 1 (created July 2010)

Our ethical reputation is all our concern.

We deal with contentious issues on a daily basis, at all levels in our organisation. It is the small decisions we take each and every day that determine the final outcomes of what we do. A strong sense of what is right and wrong guide us all as we go about our daily business. How we deal with the ethical issues we face relies upon open and honest communication throughout the organisation. We need to maintain a dialogue at every level and feel that we can discuss matters of concern with our colleagues and our managers. As an employee you need to have confidence that you can come to us with your concerns and that they will be taken seriously and dealt with sensitively, without fear of reprisal. It is not an option for any of us to turn a blind eye to conduct that may jeopardise Thales reputation and business.

You will see from the presentation below that we have enhanced the communications channels to enable you to highlight any activities that concern you. You can and should approach your line manager, CBU Ethics Officer or an Ethics Ambassador or Ethics contact who are each committed to the confidentiality in reporting principles outlined or speak up through the ethics helplines and e-mail addresses that are available to you.

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Michael Seabrook, UK Ethics Director




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