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Thales UK Ethics Awareness Campaign

Ethics Module 5 (created July 2013)

Our ethical reputation is all our concern.

We strive to ensure that ethical behaviour is embedded throughout our business by creating global ethical standards for our employees. To support this, all employees, including contractors, are required to complete the ethical training provided by the UK and Group and to apply these principles on a daily basis.

Our proactive approach to ethics and corporate responsibility helps secure our company's future performance by building our reputation as a responsible player and a trustworthy partner. Every employee plays an important part in this by making ethical decisions every day.

Ethics Module 5: Stakeholder Management, aims to encourage employees to 'live' the Company's Code of Ethics, provide stakeholder management guidance and reinforce key ethics messages. It also clarifies behavioural guidelines for all Group employees and contractors, covering four vital areas:

- Responsibility towards customers and suppliers.
- Responsibility towards the Group's staff.
- Responsibility towards shareholders and financial markets.
- Responsibility towards environment, community and company.

This training module is again mandatory and will take you no longer than 15-20 minutes.

If you have any queries on our approach to ethics or Ethics Module 5, please contact:

Thank you for your support in this business critical area.

Michael Seabrook, Director of Ethics UK




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